Yes, We Actually Do Have a Weekly Cash Pot Drawing

Your dollar bill and one business card let you participate in a cash pot. If you’ve never been in a cash pot drawing, come to the meeting on Thursday morning and see how it works. It is one of the highlights of the meeting.
1. One card, one dollar.
2. If you bring a bonafide business guest, you get to put in one extra card free.
3. Relatives don’t count as a business guest unless the relative operates a separate business.
4. A guest is only a guest twice.
5. If the guest wins, you and your guest together split one half the pot.
6. A guest can not have a guest.
7. One half of the pot goes to a pre selected charity or non profit. One half goes to you.
8. If a guest wins, the charity organization gets one half, regular attendee and guest split the remainder. It is not split 3 ways. Sorry.
9. You must be present at the time of the drawing. You can not come, put a dollar and your card in the pot and leave. Sorry.
10. A stand-in from your company is acceptable but is not a guest.
11. There are no rules regarding prior attendance or history to be eligible to win. We have had non sponsored guests attend one time, win and never show up again.
12. Please, one person only per company or division within your company.
13. Non sponsored guests can not be “claimed” as your guest if you did not invite them.